Dutchess Land Conservancy, Summer Land Steward Intern


2020 Dutchess Land Conservancy Summer Internship

Title: Summer Land Steward Intern
Location: 4289 Route 82, Millbrook, NY
Duration: Approximately three months. Start and end dates are flexible. Minimum of 15 hrs/week. Application Deadline: 5 PM Wednesday April 15, 2020.
Compensation: This is a paid internship position. Housing will not be available.

The Summer Land Steward Intern, under direct supervision of the Stewardship, Planning & Education Specialist, is responsible for working with the Stewardship staff to meet the summer’s stewardship goals.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Extensive fieldwork involving monitoring of conservation easement properties.
  • Driving to properties throughout Dutchess County and hiking off-trail over a variety of terrains to document the condition of the property in photographs and writing.
  • Using photo-editing and GIS software to complete ground monitoring reports with associated maps and photographs.
  • Monitoring the current condition of the property, noting possible changes including construction of buildings or roads, tree clearing, disturbance of wetlands and waterways and natural disturbances such as erosion.Recommended Qualifications:
    • Excellent interpersonal and organizational skills.
    • Background in Adobe Photoshop and ArcGIS. (Specific training will be provided.)
    • Drivers license and personal vehicle.
    • Ability to navigate using maps, aerial photographs and GPS.
    • Coursework in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, Biology, or related fields.
    • Applicant should be in good physical condition, able to hike over rough terrain.How to Apply:Please email a cover letter and resume to Lucas Gordon ’19 (lucasg@dutchessland.org). Call (845) 677-3002 with questions about the position.

      Though recommended, if you do not currently meet all of the above qualifications, you are still encouraged to apply.


Net-Zero Building Intern Position for Chabad on Fulton (can be remote)

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Chabad on Fulton, a Jewish non-profit outreach organization for college students, is looking for an intern to assist us in becoming a net zero (carbon neutral) building.  We are in the planning stages of renovating a 1900 Poughkeepsie home into our new center.  It is our goal to renovate this building into a carbon neutral facility.

The internship will include the following:

  • Working closely with our energy consultant in designing our building envelope, insulation levels, southern glazing, PV (solar panel) systems and mechanical systems
    • Researching different options and helping to decide which option is most cost effective
  • Working with a Net Zero certification agency to ensure we are meeting standards and approval
  • Researching different funding opportunities for the project
    • Together with the director, Rabbi Daniel, engaging those foundations or individuals to solicit their financial support

Desired Skills:

  • Passion for pragmatic and cost-effective environmentalism
  • Basic understanding of the NetZero movement
  • Basic understanding of residential high efficiency mechanical systems
  • Solid written and oral communication skills
  • Analytical skills to evaluate the many layers and elements of NetZero Building
  • Ability to solve problems with creative solutions

To apply, please email your resume and 250 words or less explaining your interest in this internship to rabbi@chabadonfulton.org.

Who to Contact: For more information, please contact Rabbi Daniel Sanoff, 845-214-6734 or rabbi@chabadonfulton.org.

Intern for Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA)

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

The Vassar Ecological Preserve recently completed its Conservation Action Plan.  We are seeking students to assist with the implementation of our action plan.  Examples of projects include invasive species removal, planting native species, and creating outreach materials.  These projects will support the conservation of our ecological preserve. 2 POSITIONS OPEN. 

We are also a member of the Environmental Monitoring and Management Alliance (EMMA).  This alliance brings together organizations and individuals centered in the Hudson Valley region to protect ecological systems and develop sustainable land management practices. We aim to address urgent threats to ecosystem health in the Hudson Valley, which include climate change, deer browse, habitat loss and fragmentation and invasive species, on a regional scale.

EMMA needs student assistance with a variety of environmental monitoring and outreach projects. Some examples of possible projects include:

  • EMMA’s ongoing phenology monitoring project: Students learn about the life histories of native and invasive species on the Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve, and gain valuable field experience. In addition to phenology monitoring, students will do one of the following:
    • Develop species phenophase identification profiles for EMMA’s target phenology species in collaboration with the New York Phenology Project
    • Create an open-source phenology calendar showing the start and end of phenophases for EMMA’s target phenology species
    • Develop an annotated bibliography which includes citation and abstract for the most current and local examples of phenological asynchrony
    • Choose a set of emerging invasive species to monitor and develop an open-source calendar to notify land managers of critical phenophases.

Mentored by Keri VanCamp, Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve. 2 POSITIONS OPEN. 

  • EMMA Deer Management Project: This student will collect information about the deer  management techniques at each EMMA site and their effectiveness on deer populations.  The student will work with the EMMA’s Deer Working Group to develop a standardized template for collecting information.  The student will then survey site managers and compile information about the successes and failures that managers have encountered.

Mentored by Keri VanCamp, Vassar Farm and Ecological Preserve.

Number of Available Positions:

Who to Contact: Keri VanCamp, kevancamp@vassar.edu

Communications Intern for Newburgh Farm and Food Initiative

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Website: www.newburghurbanfarmandfood.org

Location: 115 Broadway, Newburgh

About Newburgh Urban Farm and Food, Inc.: The Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative (NUFFI) is an active network of local residents and community organizations that fosters community and residential gardens, the production and distribution of food for the City of Newburgh and educates Newburgh residents about the connections of food and community. NUFFI provides Outreach, Public Education and Technical Assistance.

Position Description: Newburgh Urban Farm and Food Initiative (NUFFI) is seeking a motivated, goal oriented individual to work as a Communications Intern.

The Intern will work with NUFFI leaders to oversee communications and fundraising initiatives.  Applicants should be able to work independently and be able to develop creative content ideas.  

Position Responsibilities:

  • Manage and oversee website and social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Aid in event planning and creating promotional materials
  • Attend events and document details for website and social media content
  • Outreach to donors and business sponsors
  • Draft and submit press releases
  • Maintain content calendar
  • Aid in maintaining database

Position Requirements:

  • Current college student or graduate in Public Relations or related field
  • Proficient in all social media platforms
  • Excellent writing and communications skills
  • Able to work 10-15 hours a week and is flexible for some weekend events

*Fluent in Spanish is a plus but not required.

Skills Desired: Social Media

Number of Available Positions: One

Schedule: 10-15 hours per week

Who to Contact: Virginia Kasinki, Director 914 441-3616

Interns for Common Ground Farm

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Website: www.commongroundfarm.org

Location: 79 Farmstead Ln, Wappingers Falls NY 12590

About Common Ground Farm: Common Ground Farm’s mission is to serve our community as a model for food justice and education for people of all ages and incomes. We run a community farm, food justice initiatives, education programs and farmers’ markets.

Position Description: Farm Crew Intern – growing vegetables from seed to market. Education intern – leading farm field trips, workshops and preschool. Farmers’ Market intern – marketing and promotion for our farmers’ markets (might involve weekend work.)

Skills Desired: Good communicator, physically strong, comfortable working outdoors, energetic and motivated.

Number of Available Positions: 1 or 2 to begin.

Schedule: We prefer 4 hour blocks of time rather than fewer hours over more days, but are quite flexible on the days. Typically the farm crew works 8-5 with a lunch break from 12-1 M-F, so a four hour block in the morning or afternoon would work. Education opportunities can be more variable. The farmers’ markets run Saturday 10-2 and Sunday 10-3, but students could be involved for half of the market instead.

Who to Contact: Sarah Simon, Farm Director sarah@commongroundfarm.org 1-617-538-7577

Intern for Peach Hill Park/Town of Poughkeepsie Recreation Department – available Spring 2020

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Website: PoughkeepsieTownRec.com or PeachHillPark.org

Agency Location: 1 Overocker Rd., Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

CEL Location (where work will be completed): Peach Hill Park, Poughkeepsie

Position Description: Park landscape enhancement, Park interpretive development

Skills Desired: Any or all: ecology/environmental science knowledge, outdoor landscape skills, history research

Number of Available Positions: 1 – 2

Schedule: Varies and is flexible… weekends possible as well during the week

Who to Contact: Tom Meyering, Director tmeyering@townofpoughkeepsie-ny.gov 845-485-3628;  Professor Jenni Kennell is involved in this project.

Intern for Sustainable Hudson Valley – available Spring 2020

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Sustainable Hudson Valley is a small non profit with a deeply engaged board and staff that has been committed for over 15 years for raising the bar on sustainability, clean energy, global warming preparedness, etc. We work closely with government and other non profits as well as community businesses. We are proud to have engaged many interns over the years and are committed to making sure they get something out of the experience.

For this project we want to find out who the local business leaders are who are committed to sustainable practices in their businesses as well as personal lives. Do they have a sustainability plan, have they embraced energy savings, do they have “buy local” commitments, etc.? While our board includes members with deep business sustainability experience on a national scale we find we need a systematic overview of what is being done locally and who is taking the lead. Our goal will be to identify the leading businesses and organizations that have committed to sustainability and their best practices, as well as the strategies for engaging them that have been most effective. We will use that to create greater peer awareness of how much is being done and how to expand on their examples.

The intern(s) will help define the research, get it done, organize the presentations and media releases, and help get the word out.

Desired Skills:

  • Able to conduct survey research by phone or in person interviews and create and circulate a basic survey instrument.
  • Able to organize and present findings in word powerpoint excel, etc.
  • Able to use social media to communicate.
  • Should be interested in both business and sustainability.

There are 1-2 positions available

Schedule: Except for weekly touching base with SHV for progress reports feedback and guidance, the interns are expected to manage their own time to get the work done.

Who to Contact: OCEL Director Dr. Lisa Kaul at ocel@vassar.edu

Research and Independent Projects Intern for Rural & Migrant Ministry

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Rural & Migrant Ministry

Agency Website: www.ruralmigrantministry.org
Agency Location: 360 Noxon Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

About Rural & Migrant Ministry: Rural & Migrant Ministry is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that works for the creation of a just, rural New York State through:
• Nurturing leadership
• Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers
• Changing unjust systems and structures

Position Description: Richard Witt, the Executive Director of RMM, is willing to brainstorm with an intern about ideas for a research project that would benefit RMM and provide hands on investigative experience. Research projects change semester to semester and often depend on the skill and interest of the interns. Examples of possible projects include research into opposition towards the Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act and rebuttals, helping to form farmworker and/or immigrant advocacy groups in area schools, popular education curriculum and activities, and the benefit of rural worker cooperatives.

Number of Available Positions: 1

Schedule: 4 hours a week ideal

Justice for Farmworkers Intern for Rural & Migrant Ministry

This opportunity is available for Spring 2020

Rural & Migrant Ministry

Agency Website: www.ruralmigrantministry.org
Agency Location: 360 Noxon Road, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

About Rural & Migrant Ministry: Rural & Migrant Ministry is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization that works for the creation of a just, rural New York State through:
• Nurturing leadership
• Standing with the disenfranchised, especially farmworkers and rural workers
• Changing unjust systems and structures

Position Description: The Justice for Farmworkers Campaign seeks equal labor rights for New York State’s 60,000 plus farmworkers. Farmworkers are presently excluded by New York labor law from rights such as a day of rest, overtime pay, and disability insurance. Farmworkers also have no protection when trying to bargain collectively.

We are looking for interns that will help organize support in the faith, labor and student communities across New York State. Both houses of the NYS legislature are Democratic starting this year, and there is a unique opportunity to pass progressive legislation. Interns will be expected to draft materials for rallies and events, help coordinate logistics, and take on research projects related to the campaign as needed. An example of an event is the Justice for Farmworkers statewide town halls taking place this February, including on February 21st in New Paltz.

Skills Desired:

  • Flexible availability
  • Passion to be an ally for justice
  • A detail-oriented person
  • Strong writing and communication skills

Number of Available Positions: 2

Schedule: 4 – 8 hours a week ideal