Dear students,
I hope you are as well as you can be during this difficult time.  Thanks, in advance, for your patience as we work our way through this uncertain time.  Should you wish to speak with me, please make an appointment here:
Take care, be well,
Lisa Kaul


FALL 2020 Application Process See Below: 

EXPLORE:  Explore available opportunities on our WordPress site. You can also find opportunities on your own or via Handshake.

MEET:  Meet with Dr. Lisa Kaul, Director of the Office of Community-Engaged Learning.  You can make an appointment here: Appointments SlotsTogether, you’ll review available opportunities.

APPLY:  Please complete the Fall 2020 CEL APPLICATION FORM here even if you have already secured a position. We use this application for internal record-keeping and all CEL students must complete it each time they do a CEL or are interested in doing a CEL.

FIND: Find a faculty sponsor. Your faculty sponsor will facilitate the required academic work of the CEL. Note that your faculty sponsor can also be your advisor.

REGISTER:  To Pre-register for Community-Engaged Learning (#290), Fall 2020, please complete a Fall 2020 – Pre-registration Form here.

To complete this form you will need the following:

– Either your PIN number or an email from your pre-major/major advisor approving this addition to your course load.

– An email from your faculty sponsor confirming their willingness to serve as your sponsor

Dates to Pre-register for Fall 2020: April 20th – May 1st

You can also register for Fall CEL during the Fall Add Period

COMPLETE:  Complete a Community-Engaged Learning Agreement Form (will be uploaded soon) This is your learning agreement with your faculty sponsor and your agency supervisor. When is this due? This form must be completed and returned to the OCEL by the end of week two of the start of your experiential work.

ASK:  Ask the OCEL about transportation. We are able to offer assistance. See more information about transportation options here.

ATTEND:  Attend an OCEL orientation session at the beginning of the semester. Sign-up here.

End of the Semester Evaluation form: We will send your agency supervisor a brief evaluation form at the end of the semester. You can view the blank evaluation form here. Your final grade is based in part on this evaluation of your work and performance. Additionally, agency supervisors will be invited to nominate students for the Helen Miringoff Award. Click here for more information about the Helen Miringoff Award.