Getting Started

Spring 2021 

 Please register for CEL during  the ADD/DROP period  (Please note that the deadline to register for CEL is March 3, 2021)

EXPLORE:  Explore available opportunities on our WordPress site. You can also find opportunities on your own or via Handshake. If you’ve already found an internship, make sure to clarify expectations with your organization before accepting the offer. Please read this guide.

MEET:  Meet with Dr. Lisa Kaul, Director of the Office of Community-Engaged Learning.  You can make an appointment here: Appointments SlotsTogether, you’ll review available opportunities.

COMPLETE: Complete a CEL Getting Started Form here even if you have already secured a position. We use this form for internal record-keeping and all CEL students must complete it each time they do a CEL or are interested in doing a CEL.

MEET: Please meet with your pre-major/ major advisor to discuss adding CEL.

CONTACT,  MEET, COMPLETE: Once you have expressed interest in working with an organization, the OCEL will either introduce you to the organization or ask you to contact them directly to set up an interview.  Please complete the Community-Engaged Learning Agreement: Experiential Work with your agency supervisor at the time you are offered the position. 

Watch this video to learn how to fill out your Community-Engaged Learning Agreement form.

FIND, MEET, COMPLETE:  Please find a faculty member who is willing to sponsor the academic component of your CEL work. Ideally, this would be someone you have taken a class with or someone whose research and teaching interests align with your experiential work. Your pre-major or major advisor can also serve as your faculty sponsor (instructor). Please complete the Community-Engaged Learning Agreement: Academic Work with your faculty sponsor (instructor). 

REGISTER (Add/Drop Form):  CEL is Special Permission. You will need the approval of your pre-major/ major advisor, faculty sponsor (instructor), and Director of OCEL to add this. Please inform your pre-major / major advisor and your faculty sponsor (instructor) of your decision to add CEL before registering. The registration process is automated and you will need to know the name of your faculty sponsor (instructor) in order to register. Please make sure to register during the Add/Drop Period for semester-long courses. The deadline to add CEL (only CEL) March 3.

To register for CEL click here: 

COMPLETE AND RETURN:  Complete a Community-Engaged Learning Agreement Form. As mentioned above, this is your learning agreement with your agency supervisor and your faculty sponsor (instructor).

When is this due? The“Experiential Work”section of this form must be completed at the time you are offered the position.The“Academic Work” section must be completed and returned to the OCEL ( by February 26, 2021.The OCEL will then sign it and return it to you, your faculty sponsor, and agency supervisor.

ATTEND:  Attend an OCEL orientation session at the beginning of the semester.  We will send you an email with dates.

End of the Semester Evaluation formWe will send your agency supervisor a brief evaluation form at the end of the semester. You can view the blank evaluation form here. Your final grade is based in part on this evaluation of your work and performance. Additionally, agency supervisors will be invited to nominate students for the Helen Miringoff Award. Click here for more information about the Helen Miringoff Award.