Wrapping Up

I write this post from my bedroom at my home in Pennsylvania. The semester is over for me and the rest of my housemates. Some are still in Poughkeepsie while others have made their way to other parts of the country or the world. This time of year is one for family. I feel that our house has become a family, a singular unit. We all have our quirks and our wrinkles, and it keeps things interesting. We are looking forward to inviting two new housemates into the family for next semester but are also saddened to see one of our brood open up her wings and fly as she goes into the real world to spend a semester in the City of Light where we are sure she will shine.

Our final week of classes concluded with a debriefing of the program and input for next year’s MLLC over lunch. Thoughts were exchanged on what worked best with the program and what could be improved. We all felt that we had done a big thing, accomplished a lot, and astonished that it was over already.

Things were pretty quiet our last week. We were hurrying to finish final projects, especially those of us who were heading home earlier than others. We finally found someone to take care of the chicken coop over winter break (a point of anxiety for the past few weeks) and were able to relax with a gingerbread coop-decorating event. We also did a gift exchange to celebrate the season of giving.

The next semester will be new again, with experiences different, yet the same. I’m sure it will take some time to get back into a rhythm when we get back with everyone’s schedules ┬ámisaligned. But I look forward to hearing about different classes and unshared experiences. I wish my housemates the warmest of holiday seasons and a Happy New Year. See you next year!


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