Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

The magnetic field and radio frequency pulses generated in an NMR spectrometer will be modeled, and their effects on atomic nuclei will be studied.  Mathematica, Excel, Wolfram Alpha, and the NMR software Topspin are the computational tools most likely to be used.  The book “NMR Spectroscopy Explained” by Neil E. Jacobsen will be used as the primary theoretical tool.  Visual pieces will include a model of the magnetic field inside an NMR, a model of a radio frequency pulse, and one or more spectra of an as-yet-undetermined molecule that will be used to explain the physics behind the NMR process.


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  1. Jenny MagnesJenny Magnes

    Neat! What is the motivation for this work? This blog is accessible to the general public, you may want to explain what ‘NMR’ stands for. How long has it been used and for what purposes.

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