The Library Cafe Fall 2015 Season


librarycafeThe LIbrary Cafe is a radio interview program hosted Wednesdays at Noon on WVKR (91.3FM) by Vassar Art Librarian Thomas Hill.  Mr. Hill talks each week with scholarly authors, curators, and librarians about books, research, and libraries.  Featured this semester are Vassar faculty authors Marc Epstein, Jennifer Church, Tobias Armborst, Amitava Kumar, and Andrew Tallon.   Regular guests include Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center curators discussing current exhibitions at the Center.  This semester the show also begins a series on the role of the liberal arts in contemporary society with a discussion with Grace G. Roosevelt on service learning at the Metropolitan College of New York, where she has spent her career teaching the history of education through classic texts to students training to become social service professionals.  The first show of the season airs Wednesday, September 16 at noon and features Marc Michael Epstein, Professor of Religion on the Mackie Paschall Davis & Norman H. Davis Chair at Vassar College, discussing his new book, co-edited with Eva Frojmovic: Skies of Parchment, Seas of Ink: Jewish Illuminated Manuscripts (Princeton University Press, 2015).  Podcasts of previous episodes, along with a listing of scheduled guests, is available at  WVKR can be accessed via the Internet at:

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