April Showers Bring May Flowers


The close of April not only marks the final stretch of the semester, but also the end of National Poetry Month. Throughout April, the Library Research Services hosted its second Annual Haiku Writing Contest. It started on 4/12 and ran through 4/26. Just under 100 haikus were submitted via both online and paper means.

Almost every poem followed the correct haiku format of 5-7-5 syllables. The Research Librarians read each poem, and went through three rounds in order to choose two honorable mentions, a runner-up, and an overall winner. Thanks, everyone, for sharing your haikus with us!  Sixteen of our favorites will be displayed in Main Library’s lobby for the next week.



1st Place:

Big young fresh homie,

Snap-backed in the ‘Lac, cash stacked –

Sings hallelujah.

KXA, 2016

2nd Place:

Flames roared and embers

sizzled off our parents’ car

as we muttered, “shit.”

– __________, 2018

Honorable Mentions:

Bros wearing pink shorts

Senior in carrel crying

Spring is in the air

Cat Zhou, 2015


Somebody’s phone dings.

A plurality of hands.

Mysteries remain.

– __________, 2016


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