Bayesian education

I am working on innovative approaches to introducing Bayesian statistics in the undergraduate statistics curriculum.

Book Projects:

Albert, J. and Hu, J. (2019), “Probability and Bayesian Modeling”, Texts in Statistical Science, Chapman & Hall CRC Press. Text website

Teaching and learning materials:

  • A GitHub repo on Vassar’s Bayesian Statistics course material (lectures, labs, homework, cases studies etc.)
  • I maintain a GitHub repo on various resources for undergraduate Bayesian education – let me know if you have recommended material to be added to the repo!


  • “Using CE Microdata in Undergraduate Statistics Courses”, 2019 Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CE) Microdata Users’ Workshop. Washington D.C., July 2019 (slide deck)
  • “Teaching an Undergraduate Bayesian Statistics Course”, Statistical Science Department Seminar, Duke University, NC, December 2017


  • Organizer & Chair, “Thinking beyond the p-value: advancing Bayesian education for the undergraduates” (invited), Joint Statistical Meetings 2020
  • Treasurer, Education Research and Practice Section, International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA), 2017 – 2019
  • Organizer & Discussant, “Introducing Bayesian Statistics at Courses of Various Levels” (topic-contributed), Joint Statistical Meetings 2017


  • Albert, J. and Hu, J. (2020), Bayesian computing in the undergraduate statistics curriculum, Journal of Statistics Education, 28(3), 236-247. Open Access
  • Johnson, A., Rundel, C., Hu, J., Ross, K. and Rossman, A. (2020), Teaching an undergraduate course in Bayesian statistics: a panel discussion, Journal of Statistics Education, 28(3), 251-261. Open Access
  • Hu, J. (2020), A Bayesian statistics course for undergraduates: Bayesian thinking, computing, and research, Journal of Statistics Education, 28(3), 229-235. Open Access