How to become aware and address my unconscious biases at Vassar?

March 3, 2020
College Center Multi-Purpose Room
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Open to Administrators

The primary objectives of this workshop are to raise awareness about unconscious biases and to provide several tools to the administrators at Vassar College to address the impact. This highly interactive 2hr. session will be led by Joe Steele, MBA, a consultant from VISIONS, Inc. ( who has extensive experience working with the Vassar community. In this session, the participants will be invited to try on a self-focus in exploring biases without any shame, blame, and attack of self and/or others.

Some topics covered in the session will include:
• What are some unconscious macro- and micro-aggressions in the Vassar workplace, and what is the impact?
• How do the person’s insider/outsider social locations possibly influence the interpersonal dynamics and the unconscious biases?
• Why should you care about becoming more conscious about your own unconscious biases? Will explore the question, “What’s in it for me?”

Joe Steele, MBA
Consultant with Visions, Inc.


About the Presenter

Joe Steele, MBA
Consultant with Visions, Inc.

For over 20 years, Joe has been consulting to governmental agencies, corporations, and non-profits about strategically managing their human resource needs to generate high performance and results. Joe designs and facilitates workshops for management and non-management to address the challenges of communicating cross-culturally to effectively engage as diverse individuals and team members in the global workplace.  In addition, he does the design and implementation for formal mentoring programs to nurture talent development.