Today’s post comes from Gabrielle Miranda, class of 2018 and Art Center Student Docent.


This is part two of a six part series. To learn more about the Poetry Off the Wall series, view the first post here

This second installment in the Poetry Off the Wall series comes from the poetry of Jacqueline Krass. Jackie is a senior English major with correlates in French and Women’s Studies. Her poem is inspired by Hudson River School artist Asher B. Durand’s 1866 painting Kaaterskill Clove, a painting on loan to the Art Center from The Century Association in New York City.

Jackie writes about being alone with the painting, invoking perhaps the experience of Durand, asking him, “Was it morning or midnight in the daybreak of your mind?” Visitors who see this work are sometimes familiar with the location of the Clove near Palenville, New York. Most are at least familiar with the feeling it evokes. Enjoy Jackie’s “Finally Alone at the Lehman Loeb” to get a sense of that feeling.