G. J. Bettman is a senior from California. They are interested in all kinds of art, and the interactions that people have with art. Art is happening everywhere- in daily life, in the museum, and in between.





IMG_0488Bella Dalton-Fenkl is from the class of 2020 and grew up right here in Poughkeepsie. The Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center has been one of her favorite places for more than a decade! She is also an artist who has worked in digital and darkroom photography, drawing, painting, and cartooning.




Delphine Douglas is a junior from Brooklyn, New York. She is a Media Studies major and is the Multimedia Student Assistant at the Loeb.





Curtis Eckley is a sophomore from the Hudson Valley and is interested in studio art and art history. Aside from working at the Loeb he has also done a teen internship at Dia: Beacon, the contemporary art museum in Beacon, NY.





Sara Goldberg, class of 2018 is a Women’s Studies major with an Africana Studies correlate. She’s from Seattle and Atlanta. At Vassar, she is involved with the Vassar Jewish Union and the Multiracial Biracial Students’ Alliance. Some of her favorite artists include Kara Walker, Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, and Frida Kahlo.




Jimmy Olney is a freshman in the class of 2020. He is from California and has never been away from the Pacific Ocean for so long. He is especially interested in contemporary art and he looks forward to expanding his art vocabulary at the Loeb. 





Isa Pengskul is a sophomore who still can’t decide what her major is. She’s taking painting for the first time in her life this year and now appreciates the talent of the Hudson River School painters ten times more. She’s delighted to be working at the Loeb again this year and looks forward to learning a lot more about art.




Tika Peterson, class of 2019, is a returning docent who will major in studio art, Media Studies, or American Studies. Tika loves her job at the Loeb and the wonderful opportunity to interact with visitors of different ages and backgrounds. Her favorite work in the Loeb right now is Shadow Decoration.




Andrea Ramsay is a junior art history major from Dix Hills, New York. She is very excited to get to spend more time in the Loeb. In her spare time, she plays rugby and spends time with her hamster, Remily.





Gianna Samms, class of 2019, is from Atlanta, Georgia. She is a prospective Political Science major and she enjoys traveling.





Yasemin Smallens is a freshman from Yonkers and New York City. She attended high school in Chelsea and spent much of her time exploring the neighborhood’s galleries. Yasemin also has a background in photography and filmmaking. She hopes to study Political Science at Vassar.




Sophia Yoo from Southern California, is in the class of 2019. She is a prospective chemistry major with a possible correlate or double major in studio art.