Thomas Rowlandson's contemporaries loved Haydn. We love Gaga. Do you think they will performing concerts of her work at museums in two hundred years?

Every Thursday night during Late Night at the Lehman Loeb we pose a question to our visitors. Read our favorite responses and let us know your answer in the comments section.

This week’s question: Tonight we are showcasing the songs of Thomas Rowlandson’s times. What do you think the song of our time is?

Friday by Rebecca Black… every night is like Friday at Vassar.” – Chelsea, class of 2011

We R Who We R by Ke$ha. She’s brilliant.” – Alex, class of 2011

No Scrubs by TLC – the ‘90s were pretty great.” – Sandy, class of 2012

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire.” – James, class of 2014

Poker Face by Lady Gaga, because we’re all bluffin’ with our muffins.” – Megan, class of 2011

Wheel of Fortune by Ace of Base – I mean who doesn’t love a great dance song.” – Sam, class of 2012