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On Moore's Standing Figures

On Moore’s Standing Figures

Today’s post comes from Polly Ellman, Arlington Highschool 18′ and Art Center Student Docent. A main focus of the modern and contemporary galleries at the Loeb is the tension between abstract and representational or figurative artwork. Few works embody this tension more effectively than English artist Henry Moore’s 1950 bronze sculpture, Double Standing Figure. This seven-foot tall sculpture...
Searching for Sherman

Searching for Sherman

Today’s post comes from Julian Ireland, Oberlin class of 2019 and Art Center Student Docent. It is hard to pinpoint what makes Cindy Sherman’s 1994 photograph Untitled #304 so unsettling – whether it’s the two figures who draw an ambiguous line between human and doll, or the eerie red carpeted space that they lie in. There’s...
Caro in the Garden

Caro in the Garden

Today’s post comes from Claudia Ashworth, Class of 2019, and Art Center Student Docent. After a brief period of conservation, Anthony Caro’s work Slap (1976) returned to the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center’s sculpture garden last week. It now rests on its original spot in front of an ivy wall immediately visible upon entering the space. Like many...
Winogrand's Beautiful Women

Winogrand’s Beautiful Women

Today’s post comes from Julian Ireland, Oberlin Class of 2019 and Art Center Docent. A recent exhibition that visitors to the Loeb often miss (yes, there is a gallery on the second floor) is Garry Winogrand’s Beautiful Women. This show is comprised of twelve photographs by Winogrand, each featuring a female subject over the backdrop of 1960s...