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Monthly archive November, 2016

An Unexpected Adventure

Today’s post comes from Isa Pengskul, class of 2019 and Art Center Student Docent.   I have always walked past the painting Night Mirror by William Baziotes with a sense of indifference and a splash of contempt. The painting has been displayed on the wall adjacent to a doorway for as long as I’ve been a docent,...
Histoire Naturelle

Histoire Naturelle

Today’s post comes from Curtis Eckley, class of 2019 and Art Center Student Docent.     Last week’s “Artful Dodger” with Professor James F. Challey saw an exploration of the underlying intersections between science, technology and society within the Art Center’s exhibition Universal Collection: A Mark Dion Project, and how these intersections inform us about Vassar College’s beginnings....
Barbara Beisinghoff's Poetree

Barbara Beisinghoff’s Poetree

Today’s post comes from Delphine Douglas, class of 2018 and Art Center Multimedia Student Assistant. Barbara Beisinghoff, a German graphic artist, recently completed her residency at Vassar College. From September 29-October 16, Beisinghoff worked with the Creative Arts Across Disciplines (CAAD) on a series of programming related to her practice as an artist, and the CAAD’s theme...