ET Application

Exploring Transfer 2019 Student Application

Our goal is to immerse Exploring Transfer students in both intellectually and academically rigorous courses and a residential environment that acknowledge and value diversity, inclusion, difference, equity, and justice. Students study the broader contexts of economic inequality, racism, sexism, and human rights (for example) to better understand the complex interplay between their social identities and senses of agency as they navigate their worlds. Emphasis is placed on honing student reading and writing skills (quantitative reasoning is incorporated to the degree possible within the courses offered in a given summer).

If your community college is a partner with the Exploring Transfer program, your community college coordinator is available to answer questions on the application process. Some community colleges have their own internal screening process and deadlines, so please be in touch with your coordinator prior to submitting this application. (If your community college is not a participating partner, please contact the Director of Exploring Transfer, Kariane Calta, at with your questions.)