Vassar College Exploring Transfer Application

The Exploring Transfer Coordinator at your community college is available to answer questions on the application process.  Many schools have their own internal screening process and deadlines, so please be in touch with your Coordinator before submitting this application.  Once this application is submitted, a copy will be sent to your Coordinator.

Borough of Manhattan
Bill Roane (

Bunker Hill
Wick Sloane (

Central Maine
Elizabeth Oken – (

Joe Allen (

Eastern Maine
Elizabeth Worden (

Kennebec Valley
Teresa Smith (

Helen-Margaret Nasser (
Rick Repetti (

Bart Grachan (

Los Angeles
Hector Plotquin (

Northern Maine
Johna Lovely (

Southern Maine
Sharon Bannon (

SUNY Orange
Anthony Scalia (

SUNY Ulster
Crystal Schachter (

Washington County
Pamela Feeney (

Robin Graff (

Other interested students, please contact us directly.


Exploring Transfer Application