Exploring College is a four-year enrichment program, generously funded by the Dyson Foundation. Its aims are to better prepare Poughkeepsie area High School students with combined high academic achievement and low-income backgrounds for admission and success in college. The program is designed to 1) improve college-readiness and foster collegiate aspirations in students from under-represented backgrounds, 2) to increase the number of these students who attend college, and to 3) expand the collaboration between Vassar College and the school districts of Poughkeepsie City and surrounding towns.
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During the academic year, EC scholars come to Vassar College to attend workshops on college preparation. Workshops are tailored to the needs of each cohort and conducted by EC staff and faculty. EC provides additional academic support to scholars in the form of after-school tutoring, a writing group and one-on-one scholarly advising. The program also offers opportunities for scholars, parents and mentors to interact at social, cultural, and academic events.

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