The Danger Of Children Bearing Small Arms – Ryan Herring and Wakil Pranto

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.45.45 PMFor our poster “The Danger of Children Bearing Small Arms” we’ve created a collage of manila folders to portray different headlines relating to the effects of giving guns to kids.  The headlines can vary from the danger of children bearing the weapons, the basic statistics, the solutions to ending the unethical labor, and the worst-case scenarios. Our art piece expresses the wrong-doing of forcing children to bear weapons. We are trying to convey knowledge to people on what goes on in some countries which have no children rights. These children are exposed to the most unfair treatment and do not deserve the high risk of abuse and death at such a young age.

We chose this topic because this is an age where technology and weapons are advancing to the point where it becomes easier to kill. Thus, children become more at risk of dying and getting horribly injured so the time for action would be now.

The purpose for the use of the manila folders is to illustrate the action of giving information. When I eagerly turn on my television, I switch on the news, and all we hear about is the bull crap that is fed to us, which are things that the media and government believe we should know. Much of the real news stories are buried under nonsense. But when I learned of the mistreatment of children in African countries, I become concerned. So my colleague and I have decided to create a poster attempting to spread the concern about the children being forced into violence.

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