Stop Child Labor! Tamika and Amber

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.37.30 PMChild labor is wrong!

There are many types of child labor. We are trying to inform people of the facts about child labor. We need to persuade everyone to stop this because children have rights that need to be expressed and followed. Our influence and motivation was taking the children’s rights class. This class has opened our eyes to some of the problems that are going on in the world, and how bad some children are being treated. While the topics covered in the poster are not the only forms of child labor, we chose to display the most prominent forms, such as child slavery, factory work, farming, mining, soldiering, trafficking, and indentured servitude. ¬†We want all children to have an education, not be abused, to live in a safe environment,and play when they want to. Children deserve to have respect and love.

The tools we used were Adobe Illustrator and Google for our poster. We enjoyed working on this project because it means something and it is an important subject. It should be talked about because people should learn how to prevent it from happening. We need to save children from going through these types of situations. We are very passionate about this because we were children and could have went through the same thing. Now we are teenagers and can make a difference in the world by informing people of the dangers of child labor.

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