Artist’s Statement

            I believe in the importance of giving the work of art a hidden meaning and conveying emotions into the piece. My taste in art is influenced by antique paintings I have seen in various art museums. I am inspired by these paintings since there is always a story or a message behind them that make them interesting.

When my partner and I began to work on the MLK poster, we planned to add in numerous metaphorical components in the piece. For instance, we highlighted King’s words in bright yellow, while keeping the background relatively lighter.  This expresses the idea that words are powerful and are also more meaningful and effective than the use of violence. It also tells the viewer that King’s compelling words are what inspired the people to stand up for justice.  Therefore, we have added quotes to the left of the poster to add further strength to that statement.

Additionally, we have chosen this particular picture for our poster to show the love and support King receives from the people, and his ability to control such an enormous crowd just through his words. An interesting fact that should be taken into account is that he is not surrounded by an armed force for protection in the picture like most political leaders are. We believe that this is an attempt by him to set an example to the crowd about the power and effectiveness of nonviolence in bringing about change. His smile and wave to the people in the crowd represents their connection through love, which goes with the principle of nonviolence.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.05.14 PM

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