Demaj and Jawuan MLK Poster

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.00.37 PMRev. Martin Luther King Jr. used emotion throughout his life. King’s words displayed his sense of intellectuality and genuine character, by promoting nonviolence and racial integration. This urgency caused him to create speeches that changed the lives of many. This change of character caused Black Americans to gain a sense of dignity and self-determination for justice and their human rights. We must not forget how far we have come, but the race has not finished. The hurdles of racism, discrimination, bias, and prejudice have provoked injustice towards the black community. As a black community we must not have a crab mentality,which is to say, we must not represent a pot of crabs because individually we could escape but we grab onto one another in our competitiveness to succeed, because this competition will surely end in our demise. We chose these quotes to represent this struggle. The picture we chose also demonstrates this presence. Finally, we used white words on black background to make them contrast better against the subtlety of the black and white portrait.


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