Women’s Education – Aida G. and Meriem E.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 3.07.09 PMThe main goal Aida and I are trying to achieve with this poster is essentially to increase awareness on the very important issue of gender discrimination against girls in various countries worldwide, especially in the field of education. Many poor families feel as though it is wasteful for girls to go to school, since all they’re good for is domestic chores, and duties. Girls have no opportunities to strive for a better future. 

Our art is unique. Two-thirds of the worlds 880 million illiterate adults are women. So my partner and I agreed it would be best if we represented all the women that are robbed of an equal chance to go to school, as their brothers, cousins and etc. get to. Our main work of art has the exact number of how many, out of the total population of illiterate adults, are women. They are represented around the globe together holding hands united.

Another thing that makes our artwork special is that we used all of the graphic design requirements of contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity. Alignment is used through the centering of our fact inside the picture of the globe. We used contrast by creating an orange background that we’ve also faded from dark to light. In conclusion, the goal of our poster is to potentially raise awareness to the issue of inequality in female education. 

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