Pre Registration for New Transfer, Visiting, and Exchange Students

Access the Schedule of Courses online:

  1. Go to Vassar Home Page, at the very bottom of the page under the heading “Community” click on “Ask Banner.”
  2. In “Ask Banner” click on “General Information.”
  3. In the “General Information” menu click on “Schedule of Classes.”
  4. Click on and read: “Schedule of Information Pages.”

Selecting Courses

  1. Click on a specific department title in Schedule of Classes box for the most up-to-date course information on courses and enrollment status.
  2. To view course descriptions please look at the Vassar Catalogue 2020-2021.
  3. The yellow-shaded courses still have space available.
  • Please select course preference:
    1. Select up to four units or credits in order of preference. It may not be possible for you to be registered in all of your selections.

 Please note:

  • Courses designated ‘YL’ (year-long) require that students complete the second half of the course in order to receive credit for the first half.
  • Courses designated ‘SP’ (special permission) require the approval of the course instructor so you will need to wait until you arrive at Vassar before you can obtain the appropriate signature. You should still select a course or two if they are needed in the pursuit of your major. However, you will not be officially registered in the course until you obtain the signature.
  • Courses marked with “FR” in the FR column are designated as First-Year Courses, and only students of the class of 2024 are permitted to register in them.
  • ‘WL’ (waitlisted) refers to the number of students waiting to get into a class that is already at full capacity on the chance that someone will drop out of the course; at which time the next person on the wait list can fill that empty space. If a course already has a rather long wait list, it is recommended that you make an alternative selection.   If a course you particularly want has a short waitlist, you may list it, and you will be added to the waitlist. You may then attend the first class to see if space has opened up so that you can be officially enrolled.