Workflow to Launch Digital Projects

This workflow is put in place once it is clear that a digital project is about to be completed.

Ideal start: 2 weeks before launch date


  1. Assign “permanent” URL / URI
    Assigned to: Joanna (software TBD)
  2. Catalog record via 856$u field, wth appropriate $z for explanation
    Assigned to: relevant cataloger; Joanna will notify with appropriate URL/URI and metadata.  For Summon data, Joanna and Shay will pursue if data can be harvested in some format.
  3. For serials data, if desired, information can be managed in Serials Solutions for holdings records.
    Assigned to:Heidy
  4. Place information in appropriate area on website (e.g.,
    1. Research Wizard for selection by subject selectors
      Assigned to: Deb to approve whether it goes to Research Wizard; Chris to pass information to Andrea.
    2. Announcement on Library website
      Assigned to: Joanna
      N.B.: Announcements also should go to social media.
    3. Announcement to
      Assigned to: Joanna
    4. EAD file linking, if appropriate
      Assigned to: Laura
    5. Other areas as needed
      Assigned to: Joanna
  5. Contact SENYLRC for inclusion of records in HRVH, as appropriate / in scope
    Assigned to: Joanna
  6. Announcement to Vassar campus; if possible/appropriate; press release.
    Assigned to: Joanna to coordinate with Andy; work with Julia and Jeff for announcement on College home page
  7. Announcements on libraries and archives listservs if desired.  Possible lists include:
    1. ARLIS/NA
    2. SAA
    3. Oberlin list(s)
    4. etc.