Checklist of project tasks

Task Performed by

Scan images to spec VRL

   – File naming convention established JD

Metadata capture to spec Stakeholders

Determine metadata level (item, part) JD

Determine if tweaks are needed (e.g., display title vs title vs sort title) JD

Image QC reading JD

Metadata QC reading JD

Export / metadata crosswalk JD/SF

   – Fields mapped JD

   – Extracted fields meet additional defined metadata (e.g., DCMI temporal coverage requires W3C DTF as YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmTZD, so we must concatenate time zone coverage on extract) JD

Rights management / embargo / CC / etc. All

Access management – who can view, download, etc.? All

Customize display JD

Mnemonic URL, permalink, handler, etc.? JD

Resource cataloged in VCL’s Millenium catalog Stakeholders

Update library website Relevant parties

Provide statistical reporting method Software, JD