Digital Library Steering Committee

The Digital Library Steering Committee serves to coordinate and communicate digital library efforts between the research, collection, archival, technical services, and digital initiatives areas of Vassar College Libraries and the greater Vassar College community (faculty, students, and staff).  Members will engage in the following activities:

  • Working with the Assistant Director for Library Technology, help to prioritize current and future digital library tasks.
  • Identify and communicate possible projects for the digital library.
  • Examine broad issues, trends, standards, and best practices related to digital initiatives.
  • Guide policy and procedure development in order to integrate digital initiatives into the broader set of library activities.
  • Serve as advocates for digital libraries, including proactive searches for potential digital library projects and education on copyright and rights management, to foster a culture of digital library projects.
  • Assess current direction and future strategic possibilities for the digital library from the perspective of Vassar’s organization.

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