Creativity Breadcrumb 65: “Loving Vincent”

food for creative making, doing, and thinking Born in 1853 in the Netherlands, Vincent Van Gogh is perhaps the most well-known expressionist painter in history. Known for his vibrant palettes and broad, loose brushwork, Van Gogh’s explosive, complex, and emotionally-charged paintings are reflections of his own personal life. Tormented by his own self-consciousness as an Read more about Creativity Breadcrumb 65: “Loving Vincent”[…]

Creativity Breadcrumb 62: Corso Zundert

What do the Netherlands and Vincent van Gogh have in common? The answer is the town of Zundert, a region known as a global supplier of dahlia flowers. As a way of taking advantage of this supply, a parade is held there featuring elaborateĀ floats made with said flowers. Occurring annually since 1936, this year’s theme Read more about Creativity Breadcrumb 62: Corso Zundert[…]