September 16, 2015

What is a “Collaboratory”?

The Collaboratory is a retrofitted trailer with dimensions of approximately 24Lx8Wx7H. It is outfitted with electrical wiring. Projects using the space must be in accordance with responsible use policies (to be provided upon successful application). Possible uses of The Collaboratory include, but are in no way limited to, site-specific performance or installation, gallery-style project display, film screening, and all manner of creative workshops. If you have questions about possible uses of The Collaboratory please contact Tom Pacio, Interdisciplinary Arts Coordinator ( Limited funds are occasionally available to support projects.

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Have a project in mind? Apply to the Collaboratory today! 

Where is the Collaboratory Now?
Use the map below to find out more details about current location and events.

The Collaboratory is currently by the College Center hosting “Visualizing Vassar.” Check out the Facebook event for more info!