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Committee on Academic Technologies
A. The committee on academic technologies shall consist of four elected members of the faculty, one from each division including the multi-disciplinary programs; up to two faculty members appointed jointly by the Dean of Faculty and the Dean of Planning and Academic Affairs, in consultation with the Vice President for Computing and Information Services; a representative from Academic Computing Services; a professional librarian appointed by the director of the libraries, and a member of the student body. Elected faculty shall serve a three-year term and may not be elected to more than 2 consecutive terms. Appointed faculty shall serve for a length of time established at the time of appointment but typically no less than a year and no more than three years. The committee shall select a chair annually from the faculty members on the committee.

B. It is the responsibility of the committee to develop and recommend policy related to academic and educational technologies; to gather information from faculty and students about instructional technology needs and initiatives and serve as advocates for those needs; and to solicit ideas from and inform faculty and students of new initiatives related to instructional technology. It shall consult regularly with the Classroom Committee, the Library Committee, Computing and Information Services (especially Academic Computing Services), and other relevant groups as needed to carry out these duties.

C. The Dean of the Faculty, the Dean of Planning and Academic Affairs, and the Vice President for Computing and Information Services shall consult regularly with the Committee on Academic Technologies on technological needs and initiatives related to the educational mission of the College. They shall attend meetings of the committee at the committee’s request.
Approved by the faculty April 15, 2009.

2017-2018 Members
Jenny Magnes (chair)
Lioba Ungurianu
Mary Ann Cunningham
Vinay Swamy
Rachel Finn
Steve Taylor
VSA representative (TBD)

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