Science Inquiry Modules (SIMs)

ACCAS offers support for the development of innovative Science Inquiry Modules (SIMs) involving wet lab, computational, or non-lab activities, or a combination of such activities. Modules developed through this program can be part of a new course or inject new life into a pre-existing course.  While innovative proposals in any area of science or mathematics are encouraged, those that address genomics, bioinformatics, or other fields of computational science that expose students to processing large data sets and using the CCAS high performance computing cluster “Junior” will receive priority.  Faculty members are expected to administer a Students Assessment of Learning Gains (SALG) questionnaire to students.  Funding is provided for the development of the module and its initial implementation, including stipends of up to $1000 for each of the developers/implementers, plus up to $5,000 for supplies, equipment, or software.  Developers/implementers may be individual faculty members, or teams composed of a faculty member and one or more staff or students.  See application form below.

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