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Interested in learning more about the teen brain? Professor Baird sits down with TASC’s Vice President for Policy and Research, Saskia Traill, to discuss the developing brain, the highly functional nature of adolescence, and the implications that science holds for the classroom. Check out the interview here


Professor Baird Attends TASC Conference

Last week, Professor Baird served on a research panel for The After-School Corporation where she and her colleagues discussed the intersections of learning and adolescent development. In collaboration with other experts in the fields of research, policy, and practice, she provided remarks about creating effective learning opportunities for young students. Saskia Traill, TASC’s vice president for policy and research, provides a brief overview of the panelists’ lessons.

“Great Lessons from Adolescent Learning”




CNN Interviews Professor Baird About Minimum Drinking Age Laws

July 17, 2014 marked the 30th anniversary of the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, prohibiting alcohol consumption for individuals under the age of 21. Professor Baird speaks to CNN about peer-mediated, experiential learning, and how these neuropsychological concepts relate to minimum age drinking laws. To read the article, click here


Why Gender Matters

What do you think about the social construct of gender? Find out why it is important by watching Professor Baird’s newest lecture here


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Professor Baird has a new twitter feed where she tweets about both fun and interesting neuroscience articles as well as life in general. Tweet her @abigailbaird to get your questions answered.

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New YouTube Channel!

Professor Baird has a new YouTube channel where you can watch clips from all of her lectures and fun videos about neuroscience.

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The Teenage Brain

Vassar alums Lisa Kudrow ’85 and Abby Baird ’91 have a conversation about Baird’s research on the teenage brain and its implications for parenting strategies. Filmed before a live audience in the Alumnae House Pub on the Vassar campus.


New Lecture Available Online!

Professor Baird’s lecture “A Difficult Path to Understanding” about adolescence and the teenage brain is now available to watch online. You can view the lecture by clicking here.


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